PUMA – Jamming Sneakers

PUMA have created a new Jamming sneaker, set to launch tomorrow (November 9th). The shoe uses the brand’s latest technology, NRGY beads, which collide in the sole of the shoe to provide greater energy return for added comfort.


The technology in the Jamming shoe causes the raw NRGY beads in the sole move freely inside the clear midsole, and jam together as your foot plants, cushioning the steps of the wearer. The shoe’s upper features PUMA’s existing evoKNIT technology and durable sock liners for step-in-comfort.


“We always look to create products that change the game, whether it’s for athletes or for those who just want to look good. When we were looking at comfort and energy return we realized that there was no shoe on the market that offers an entirely bespoke experience when walking or running in a shoe. The way the beads shift in the sole of the shoe with your movements means that every footstep you take will be supported perfectly by a new formation of beads. This really is as tailored as it gets.” – Karin Baust, General Manager of Running and Training, PUMA


The shoe will drop on November 9th, and will be available in olive green initially, with a further five colours set to be released in the first half of 2018.

The Jamming Sneaker, by PUMA

Jack Lenton

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