Sport, a global language- crossing countries, continents, the planet- boundaries. Nothing captures our emotions like sport. And capturing that emotion in print or online, and well, is something many haven’t succeeded at. Until SAMSON Magazine arrived on the seen last year. SAMSON and their recently released VOLUME 2 represents a new translation of sport, visually representing what a sporting life means, in a more ‘realistic’ way. Essentially, a new take on sports reporting, a different view- connecting with our emotions.

Available in digital format, this edition focuses on The Inner Good- highlighting the good in sport which often goes unnoticed. Sport has been under mass scrutiny in recent years due to the increasing number of drug scandals unveiled; with heroes becoming villains, and villains re-vilifying themselves, but SAMSON look at the beauty that (true) sport embodies; the success of youth, the ratification of life decisions and the integrity of sporting tradition.

SAMSON VOLUME 2 includes: Orlando Magic; The Park is my Church, Chelsea Goal Keeper; Asmir Begovic, Olympic Sabre Fencer; Daryl Homer, SERGE DENIMES by Oliver Proudlock, Polo: Malcolm Borwick x Prince Harry Global Poker League Plus many more brands including Arcteryx, Asics, G-Shock, Christopher Raeburn, Leica, Libertine Libertine, Moncler, Mr Porter, Nike Football, Porsche Design, Reebok, Sankuanz, Soulland, Y-3, Wood Wood & more.

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