The Vintage Frames Company has recently co-branded their second release with Ultra Eyewear – the Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Goliath 2 “Snowdon Deli” Edition.


In 1946 Montreal birthed what would soon become a classic Montreal establishment; Snowdon Deli. From what started out as a deli counter, to what has blossomed into a full blown restaurant, Snowdon Deli is a Montreal landmark. The deli was founded by the Morantz brothers, who through hard work and dedication produced some of the finest cut smoked meat on the planet. Vintage Frames Company owner Corey Shapiro’s earliest and finest memories were waking up at dawn for a breakfast club with his grandfather and friends at Snowdon Deli. Populated by clothing industry moguls, the Snowdon Deli Breakfast Crew would become the base of inspiration for Corey’s fashion direction.


The Ultra Goliath 2 “Snowdon Deli” Collection was conceptualised from Corey’s earliest eyewear memories being that of his grandfather and friends wearing Ultra Goliath 2 frames for a morning smoked meat gathering.

Ultra has exclusively co-branded with the Vintage Frames Shop to release a Limited Edition Clear Frame as part of their Dr. Shapiro Collection. The enormous size and presence of this frame is what made this sunglass into such an iconic piece of eyewear. The Ultra Goliath 2 comes with either the original clear lenses, or with a custom mirrored set of lenses.


With only fifty pairs of these sought-after frames being produced, The Vintage Frames Shop x Ultra Golitah 2 “Snowdon Deli” Collection Sunglasses will be available exclusively at the Vintage Frames Company online.