8 Items That Will Help Refresh Your Wardrobe For 2024

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Wet, cold, grey, miserable and, if you’re partaking in Dry January, not particularly fun either. There’s not much good to say about the start of the new year, but one thing it does have going for it is that it’s the perfect time for a spot of self-improvement. New year, new me and all that.

For some, this manifests itself as a gym membership, a box of cigarettes thrown into the bin or an audit of those seemingly infinite monthly subscriptions. But our favourite type of New Year self-improvement by far is that of the sartorial variety. So, if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with some trend-led yet tasteful updates then you have come to the right place.

We’re always keeping an ear to the ground for what’s hot in the world of menswear, and while we don’t always love everything we see, we do like to cherry-pick interesting new style ideas to dabble in here and there. It is, in our humble opinion, the best way to stay current without completely succumbing to the ever-marching cycle of fashion, routinely being spat out when everything you clothed yourself in inevitably falls from favour.

So, to help you mix some upcoming trend items into your personal style, we’ve handpicked a few items we think are going to be big this year. Keep scrolling to find out what they are and how you can incorporate them.

Fisherman Sandals

Birkenstock’s reign as the strappy footwear of choice for fashion-literate men looks like it could be coming to an end in 2024. It seems like leather fisherman sandals are everywhere we look at the moment, and they’re shockingly versatile.

Sure, you can wear them with shorts on a summer vacation, or team them with a plain tee and casual pants at the weekend, but we recently saw The Bear’s Matty Matheson wearing a pair with white socks and a tux on the Emmys red carpet, and honestly, he could be onto something there.

Mesh & Metallic Sneakers


For a long time, the prevailing trend in sneakers was to make them as big and as boring as possible. Plain grey suede was (and still is) everywhere, but for those looking to move away from the New Balance 990s and dabble in a bit of colour instead, the re-emergence of 2000s mesh and metallic panelled sneakers will be right up your street.

Shoes like the New Balance 1906R and the ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 have been pushing the retro-futuristic look, the fires of their popularity stoked by sell-out collabs with Aimé Leon Dore and Jjjjound respectively.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re young (or old) enough for these things to not trigger high-school PE PTSD flashbacks then they go great with things like straight-leg jeans, cargo pants and sportswear.

A Proper Oxford

The Oxford shirt never went away. It’s always been there – an ever-present staple in the modern gent’s casual wardrobe. However, it is currently enjoying a fashion renaissance, which means this year could be a good time to stop thinking about the Oxford as a no-frills bedrock piece and start thinking of it as the star of the show.

Instead of picking up a ton of Oxfords for cheap from Uniqlo, this year we’d suggest stumping up the cash for at least one ‘proper’ version from a specialist label synonymous with quality. We’re talking Ralph Lauren, Alex Mill, ASKET, Turnbull & Asser, Eton and the like.

For extra trend points, buy it oversized and style it half-tucked with mid-wash jeans, a baseball cap and low-profile sneakers like Onitsuka Tigers or Adidas Sambas. For a slightly less casual slant, switch the Sambas for loafers and the jeans for pleated pants.

Tinted Shades

The pivot back to Y2K styles can be seen all across the current fashion landscape in everything from the specific pieces that are popular to the overarching silhouettes. It is also evident in the types of sunglasses we’re seeing more of at the moment – specifically, anything with a slight tint to the lenses rather than a full blackout.

These tinted shades usually have pink, blue or yellow lenses, which can add a pop of colour to any outfit and provide an easy way to give otherwise ordinary looks a little hit of personality. But unlike the related 2000s trend, this current wave of tinted shades favours thick acetate frames as opposed to the low-profile frameless designs that were all the rage back then. No bad thing, in our opinion.

A Statement Cap

Caps are getting fun again, and we’re here for it. The past decade has seen nothing but uninspired minimalist dad caps, but as we move into 2024, quirky, colourful and characterful designs are beginning to gather more momentum. Think ironic slogan truckers, retro baseball caps and even the odd fitted cap here and there too.

As with any statement piece, the key to nailing this look is to keep the rest of your outfit relatively pared back so that nothing is fighting for centre stage. Think basic plain garments free from big logos or overly bright colours and you’ll be fine.

Lower-Case Loafers

The trend in casual footwear for the last couple of years has been to slap chunky commando soles on anything and everything. Even (much to the horror of menswear purists) classic loafers, which are traditionally slim, dainty and decidedly un-chunky.

Naturally, such a trend was always going to be short-lived, and we’re now seeing the inevitable return back to slim-soled loafers and away from the earth-shaking slip-on stompers. Check out G.H. Bass, Myrqvist and Velasca for some solid options.

Pants With Flare

If you were naive enough to think that some throwback garments couldn’t possibly come back into fashion then this one is going to come as a bit of a shock.

Flares, albeit slightly more subtle versions than those popular in the 1960s and 1970s, are back, and they’re actually perfect if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe for 2024.

Team them up with slim suede sneakers, a tucked plain tee and an Oxford shirt worn open for a breezy everyday outfit that’s simple yet stylish.

A Big Bag

Forget about those little man bags. This year it’s the bigger the better as men’s accessories – bags in particular – go gargantuan.

Now, we’re not saying you need to start wheeling around a 100-litre suitcase with you everywhere you go, that would be absurd. But, if you have various bits and bobs to carry with you throughout the day, there’s nothing wrong with swapping the backpack out for a nice slouchy shoulder bag.

Size-wise, think somewhere between a holdall and a large women’s handbag. COS has some excellent options in this department that won’t break the bank, or if you want to go high-end, check out what the likes of Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta have to offer.

Paddy Maddison

Paddy Maddison is Ape's Style Editor. His work has been published in Esquire, Men’s Health, ShortList, The Independent and more. An outerwear and sneaker fanatic, his finger is firmly on the pulse for the latest trends, while always maintaining an interest in classic style.