3 Types Of Products You Should Use If You’re Losing Your Hair (Straight Away)

So you’ve noticed you’re losing your hair and it feels like the end of the world. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. As a seasoned veteran of no less than 13 hair transplants myself, I can tell you for sure that the sooner you get a jump on treating your hair loss, the better off you’ll be.

But where do you start? I’ve researched thousands of hair loss treatment products over the years, testing many of them on my own scalp and hair. In my role as a world-recognised hair loss advisor and mainstream media correspondent, I only advocate the use of brands I personally use and whose quality and efficacy I can verify from experience.

Hair loss is progressive so it’s important you tackle it head on by implementing a strong, appropriate, proven regime. Dense is a brand that I’ve found to cover all bases of hair loss treatment, short of a transplant itself.

They’ve put together a variety of effective treatments, each serving a specific purpose, and this is why I’m thrilled to have joined them as a brand ambassador to help their products get the exposure they deserve. I know for a fact Dense’s range will be able to help many hair loss sufferers that were in a similar situation to myself.

So, with that in mind, here are the three specific types of products every guy suffering from thinning hair or a receding hairline should consider, to give themselves the best chance of keeping (and in some cases even regrowing) their precious locks.

1. Scientifically-Proven Prescription Topicals

The most potent solution you can use, Dense’s prescription-only products are legitimate, pharmaceutical-grade treatments that have been scientifically proven to regrow hair while catering to sensitive scalps.

These are topical treatments that help fight the primary cause of hair loss. Although side effects are rare with prescription tablets like oral Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride, those that do suffer them find themselves stuck – wanting to use these proven solutions but their body unable to tolerate them.

Not any more. Dense are the only UK provider to offer topical Finasteride and Dutasteride, and alongside that they are combining it with varying strength Minoxidil.

The active ingredients in Dense topicals are clinically proven to block DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that shrinks hair follicles and shortens the hair’s growth cycle, leading to male pattern baldness. Blocking DHT therefore stimulates new hair growth while mitigating future hair loss.

Below are the key components of Dense’s topical offering, and how they will aid your fight against baldness.


Minoxidil is the active ingredient you find in Regaine/Rogaine, which are household names. The way it works is by widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, meaning more hormones, nutrients and oxygen are delivered, stimulating growth.

But that’s not all. Minoxidil also helps to prolong the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle by inhibiting the binding of DHT to androgen receptors. This effect is enhanced further when combined with Finasteride or Dutasteride, which obstruct the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT.


Finasteride is a drug that works by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase Type II, which converts testosterone to DHT in the hair follicle. The drug causes a significant drop in both scalp and blood levels of DHT (approximately a 70% reduction) and its effect is felt to be related to both of these factors.

Propecia, the brand name for finasteride, has for generations been taken orally, but now it’s available in topical form for those that can’t tolerate it or are worried about potential side effects.

Dense offers a standalone topical version, as well as an option to combine it with 5% minoxidil for double protection.


Dutasteride is a stronger DHT inhibitor than finasteride, blocking all three Types of 5-alpha reductase. Research shows it has a greater effect at not only preventing hair loss but regrowing hair when compared to finasteride.

However, my advice is to try it finasteride first and see how you respond. You can then monitor the benefits/side effects before graduating to topical dutasteride. With it being such a strong DHT blocker it might be overkill in terms of protection, depending on how progressive your hair loss is.

A Personalised Solution

The Dense range is the only one in the UK that combines topical minoxidil with finasteride and dutasteride in varying concentrations and combinations. This allows their expert staff to create a personalised formulation that takes into account your hair type, current level of hair loss and end goals.

The options available to you, following an online consultation with a GP, are as follows:

The sprays use propylene glycol as the carrier liquid because it helps to dissolve the active ingredients and enhance its uptake from the scalp. It also softens hair, making it easier to comb through and stops that greasy residue you can get from other products.

2. Growth Accelerators

Believe it or not, there are ways you can bring your hair back to life and encourage faster growth and thicker locks. These three products do just that.


Dense have created daily orange-flavoured gummies that are designed to slow down hair loss and improve your hair’s quality and thickness.

They contain Vitamin E, zinc, iron, selenium, biotin, saw palmetto, resveratrol and other active ingredients derived from nature. Each has a specific function or purpose, whether it’s blocking DHT, improving the strength and elasticity of hair fibres, stimulating keratin production or increasing blood flow to hair follicles.

There’s absolutely no filler in these.

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Derma Roller

It may look menacing, but the Scalp Activator Titanium Derma-Roller performs an important function on the scalp. It’s a microneedler that stimulates blood flow to the follicles, ensuring that vital oxygen gets through and nutrients in the topical products can be properly absorbed.

Best used two-to-three times a week, roll it evenly all over your scalp, working in small sections at a time, then apply your topical spray solution.

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Scalp Stimulator

Dense’s Scalp Stimulating Brush removes dry skin and excess sebum that clog hair follicles, while at the same time relaxing the scalp muscles and stimulating blood flow.

It works like a combination massager/exfoliator and when used daily, helps promote a healthier scalp on which hair can thrive.

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3. Optimised Hair Styling Products

You’ve taken the first steps towards protecting your hair with the prescription topical products. Now you can make your hair look its very best on a daily basis with these clever styling products.

People often think that styling products contribute to hair loss, but not so with Dense. They are actually designed to work with your hair, not against it, and are loaded with proven, natural ingredients.

2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Suitable for all hair and scalp types, this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner contains powerful biotechnological extracts that improve hair strength, reduce hair loss, stimulate and improve the scalp’s condition and help alleviate hair loss problems.

It also contains active curcuma longa, which is rich in peptides to reactivate hair follicles, promote hair density and increase blood circulation.

This product is lovely to use because it contains menthol crystals to cool and stimulate the scalp, as well as including a conditioning agent with detangling properties to leave hair smooth. Apply using the scalp stimulator for best effects.

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Styling Paste

Dense’s styling paste contains biotechnological extracts and curcuma longa, as well as lanolin, a rich conditioning agent that hydrates and smooths the hair.

You only need a pea-sized amount to get a great look and feel. It won’t weight hair down or clump it together, which only emphasises how thin your hair is.

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Salt Spray

Dense call it a game-changing product, and I agree. This salt spray has active properties to promote follicular density while providing a flexible medium hold and matte finish.

Just add 5-7 sprays to wet or dry hair, rubbing it into the hair and scalp. You can leave it to dry naturally for a textured look, or add some volume by blow drying it into your preferred style.

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3-in-1 Styling Comb

This 3-in-1 styling comb makes styling hair easy, enabling you to create definition and texture that gives the appearance of thicker hair.

The combination of thin and thick teeth will help you style the hair just as you like it, while the ‘fork’ at the end can be used to create more lift on top.

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Why Dense?

High-performance hair products you can trust

From my own personal experience, I can tell you that this is a range that’s been developed with lots of care to match the science. There are no harmful toxins, no troubling side effects – just genuine results that will make you feel better about your hair.

You’re not on your own either. Dense offer an online consultation so you get exactly what you need, which includes a personalised growth plan tailored to your unique requirements.

Discreet packaging

I like Dense’s fresh-looking packaging because it doesn’t scream, “I’m losing my hair and I need these products to fix it!” I think that’s really clever and thoughtful, particularly for those struggling with the mental effects of hair loss.

Accessible & Affordable Treatment

Dense is bringing accessible, affordable, individualised hair loss treatments to the masses in an appealing range of products that doesn’t intimidate or patronise consumers.

Hair loss is an intensely personal experience, so by providing an easy-to-follow, personalised solution and a full-care range that looks after every aspect of hair regrowth, hygiene and styling, Dense has really studied its market and solved multiple pain points in the process.

If you’re facing hair loss, do yourself a favour and check out Dense today.

A paid partnership with Dense – words and opinion author’s own.

Spencer Stevenson

Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson is well known to hair loss sufferers throughout the world and has been helping educate them for over 10 years. He has endured wigs, laser and ten hair transplants surgeries via different techniques. His website spexhair.com was set up to mentor and counsel others who are experiencing male pattern baldness and considering hair restoration via hair transplantation.