ROSCOMAR – Putting Soul Into Sneakers

Understanding the need for ambition and creativity

It takes some nerve to jump off a successful career path to embark on something completely new and unpredictable, but driven by the mojo of living our lives the best way we can, perhaps it’s the challenge many of us need.

ROSCOMAR is a new sneaker brand born from doing exactly the above and strives for its ever-growing group of followers to focus living life to its fullest. Perhaps an energised alternative to the ‘ditch the career and go surfing with your mates’ vibe, instead understanding the need for ambition and creativity.

Founders Johan Olsson, a former finance professional and former university friend, now business partner, Emelie Sandberg

Founded by Johan Olsson, 30, a former finance professional, latterly joining forces with former university friend, now business partner, Emelie Sandberg, ROSCOMAR had started its life as a pipe-dream during a backpacking trip in Thailand, where the adjustment others had made became all too apparent to Olsson.

“On reflection, I had embarked on a career driven by proving to myself that I could do certain things. In my mid-twenties, I was on a career path that meant I was likely to earn big money, but in reality I was unfulfilled,” he says. This became the driving force behind the DNA of ROSCOMAR, but more importantly the catalyst for Olsson to hand in his resignation to start something completely new.

Premium quality and environmental consciousness

Setting up with his entire savings, combined with an insight into the style industry via a very close friend within footwear, Olsson started life as the founder of a new sneaker business. Built on the importance of shoes and their comfort, ROSCOMAR bridges the gap to offer consumers a product that sits below the £100 price-point with premium quality and environmental consciousness of paramount importance.

“We have spent time and effort creating a sneaker that sits perfectly within the wilderness of the urban landscape but one that has its own identity and we hope the versatility to reach a wider audience,” adds Sandberg, who is responsible for the seasonal designs.

A distinctive lean towards the more premium sneaker models and an unrivalled comfort

With prices consistently under £100, ROSCOMAR’s first collection of sneakers are predominantly canvas but with an ultra lightweight custom sole – a particular focus in design – giving them a distinctive lean towards the more premium sneaker models and an unrivalled comfort. Additional clean, slim lines and branding give them a subtle but clear point of difference in comparison to the existing market.

Sporting a distinct logo on the side of each shoe, motivated by the California surf scene, as well as embossed in the sole, the ROSCOMAR name was taken from a wealth of different influences during the founders’ backpacking years, organically appealing to the global feel of the brand.

Soon to be moving to a new headquarters in Clerkenwell, the new seasonal collection will no doubt up the ante even further with materials including suede, leather, Merino Wool as well as vegan options all ready to drop.