Ape Presents: Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth UK With Spencer Stevenson

Ape are proud to announce we will be exclusively hosting The Bald Truth UK – an international, critically-acclaimed radio show that has touched millions of lives and helped hair loss sufferers to find their individual solution. Weekly pre-recorded shows will be housed here every Friday.

Broadcasting weekly from TBT studios in Los Angeles and London, Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth Radio Show has teamed up with Ape’s own hair transplant patient educator and expert, Spencer Stevenson (Spex Hair), to co-host the show.

We receive an overwhelming amount of demand for information on hair loss and hair transplants from our readership and subscribers. As such, Ape wanted to help provide current, ethical education to our readers via this unique and interactive means, and there are no two better-placed experts than Spencer Kobren and Spencer Stevenson, in our opinion.

Ape will host the Bald Truth UK show for people to call in every week and speak to the experts directly at the cost of a local call via the designated UK landline number. Watch and listen in to learn about the latest advances in hair loss treatments and to hear others’ experiences with hair loss and hair transplants and help to be guided in a safer direction. Call the guys, join in and ask questions or just vent and share your own experiences.

Watch The Latest Episode

Adam calls in to talk to Spencer and Spex about the profound affect hair loss has had on him since the age of 17 and the cloud of anxiety and embarrassment it has caused him for a decade. The guys discuss the common emotions experienced with hair loss at any age and give Adam guidance with medical therapy to help him at a crossroads he is presented with, as requires help with his next move.

About Spencer Stevenson (‘Spex’)

After noticing his own hair loss in his late teens, Spencer Stevenson – aka ‘Spex’ – embarked on a decades-long journey to find a solution. To date, he has undergone 13 hair transplant procedures to arrive at the healthy thatch of hair he now sports, but the journey itself has been traumatic, expensive and frustrating.

Spex has personally experienced the worst of the worst and the best of the best. Today, he dedicates his life and career to patient advocacy and has become a globally recognised and trusted spokesman on the hair loss industry from the consumer perspective and regularly features in the mainstream media on the topic.

Spex has mentored countless hair loss sufferers including more than a handful of high-profile celebrities. He works with some of the world’s most prolific hair transplant clinics who are leading the way in techniques, procedures and hair loss products.

A fountain of knowledge – both hard-won through personal experience and accumulated through research and a vast network of industry contacts – Spex is a fierce advocate for all that’s good and ethical in the hair loss space. Our resident in-house hair loss and hair transplant expert, you can read Spex’s article archive here.

About Spencer Kobren

Spencer Kobren is the Founder and President of the The American Hair Loss Association, as well as the Founder and Director of Consumer/Patient affairs for The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. He established ‘Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth’ radio show more than 23 years ago and it is now syndicated throughout the US, Canada and the UK. Touted as “the father of consumer hair loss education”, Kobren’s promotion of smart consumerism and patient education has attracted critical acclaim from worldwide media outlets.

The Bald Truth UK Radio show is the UK’s first on-air support group for men and women suffering from the emotionally devastating impact of hair loss.

Contact The Bald Truth UK

If you would like to speak to Spencer and Spex on The Bald Truth UK show to share your experience or seek advice, contact Ape or Spencer via his personal Instagram account.

Tune in weekly to watch the show exclusively here on Ape’s dedicated page, and catch up on previous shows below, too.

Previous Shows

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 12

UK caller Gerald calls in to speak with Spencer and Spex about how emotionally draining hair loss has been for him as well as how to best navigating the hair loss world and what defence to put in place for the long term to help prevent against progressive hair loss.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 11

Milan from Bulgaria calls the show to discuss his options and what would be his best approach regarding treatments and getting a hair transplant. Making sure you are doing all you can to help protect against progressive hair loss is vital and Milan wanted to better understand why and how he could go about this to ensure he is a good hair transplant candidate.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 10

Andy calls back into the show to share how he is feeling since initially discussing his hair loss with Spencer and Spex and the proactive steps he has taken to address his hair loss both physically and psychologically. This is an empowering episode and will help many understand how talking about your hair loss more openly can lift the emotional burden associated with it.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 9

UK hair transplant patient Steven calls in to discuss his incredible experience and success with his FUE procedure from 2009 with The Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. His story is a fascinating one and enforces why research is important when choosing a clinic.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 8

Listen to Davy discuss his disastrous first hair transplant experience in Turkey based on a recommendation by his dermatologist along with his arduous road to recovery and repair with Dr. Feriduni and The Feriduni Clinic in Belgium. A great success story in the making.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 7

Chris, the founder of Ape, calls in to share his thoughts and appreciation on The Bald Truth UK. Chris discusses the remarkable impact the show and the hair loss articles Spex has provided are helping countless people globally.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 6

Paul calls in to discuss his journey with hair loss, treatments and his hair transplant experience with an IAHRS associate UK doctor along with how his successful hair transplant surgery actually came about by chance.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 5

Andy calls in to explain how hair loss is affecting him emotionally and how he’s felt so alone and isolated to date. A common take and why the Bald Truth UK has become so important and popular with people suffering in silence regarding their concerns surrounding hair loss.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 4

Eugene calls the show to discuss his hair transplant surgery with Dr. Bicer in Turkey after his wife did all his research for him. A great interview with a very successful hair transplant outcome, as well as very unique experience and journey to find IAHRS associate member Dr Bicer.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 3

Scottish caller Craig has been emotionally and mentally traumatised by his hair loss and like many it has consumed him so much that he wanted to call in to speak to Spencer and Spex to help offload some of the emotional baggage and pain his hair loss is causing him.

The Bald Truth UK: Episode 2

Scott calls in to share his thoughts and opinion on the industry along with sharing his hair transplant experience with Dr. Lupanzula.

The Bald Truth UK Launch Episode

Mick from London calls the boys to discuss his experience and how hair loss has affected him for the past 10 years. Whilst trying to keep his emotions in check, it’s still very much been a drain on him emotionally as it is all hair loss patients who suffer in silence.

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