When a gentleman requires himself to be both smart and comfortable in the varying heat home and abroad, he can rest assured that there are numerous ways to maintain his stylish edge. The key component to most outfits is the jacket. It is the one thing that brings an outfit together. However, in the summer months a lot of men shy away from wearing one unless demanded of by work – and even then, they try to shy away from it. That mentality and mental discomfort is about to be dispelled.

With a good lightweight blazer you’re guaranteed two things – quality fabrics and quality workmanship. The main thing here is the fabrics. Good natural fabrics used in the garment help you stay dry and fresh. You can find blends of wool and linen or hemp and wool. Yes linen can be a great choice, but note that linen will crease easily. Used in a blend, your blazer will be able to remain it’s shape better. Here are Three of the Best:


Brunello Cucinelli linen-wool-silk blend blazer – Brunello Cucinelli £1,720


Loro Piana woven hemp and wool blend blazer- £1,565


Paul Smith Marlyebone slim-fit wool blazer – Mr Porter £645