This fresh, modern, masculine scent, is inspired by the energy of the 4 elements.  The creative starting point was the scented interpretation of a piece of granite stone, which is formed by the direct effects of all the elements – created from Fire, becoming part of the Earth, weathered by both Air and Water.This strong image is brought to life as a fragrance by balancing four key olfactory facets:

  • The top note ingredients – led by the famous, synthetic material, calone, which represents the water element.
  • The heart note ingredients – driven by the fresh spicy notes of ginger and coriander leaf, representing the fire element.
  • The base note ingredients – powered by woody notes, particularly cedarwood, which represent the earth element.

From the 17th March 2010, special edition bottles of Hugo Element will be available to purchase in the UK in conjunction with Hugo’s ‘One Fragrance, One Tree’ initiative. On the back of each pack is a scratch-away panel which reveals a personal tree code that customers can enter online to discover the exact location of where their tree will be planted. The plantation funded by Hugo Fragrances will cover an area of 800 hectares – equivalent to 7 Hyde Parks.