Montblanc place almost a century of experience into their latest fragrance; Legend Intense. Generations of producing the finest writing equipment, watches, and leather goods have all proved part of the elixir that makes this latest delve into the world of fragrance promising.

The Montblanc ethos combines craftsmanship with functionality, something which is evident when one lays eyes on the Legend Intense bottle. A metallic, carbon-coloured finish with the ever present and familiar Montblanc emblem on the cap.

Legend Intense has been designed to be the step up from the average, let’s say the prestigious edition within their latest exploits into the world of fragrance. With a spicy and warm base, an undertone of cardamom and pepperwood, topped with wooded scents which, little by little, build to give the fragrance vibrancy. Legend Intense is finished, wrapped in Evernyl, a new, raw oak moss molecule which makes Legend Intense quite unique.