When Odin New York opened their first store at 328 East 11th Street in 2004, they were one of the first lifestyle stores specially dedicated to men. Five years on, established and thriving, the co-owners Eddy Chai and Paul Biradi have now decided to take the Odin concept and translate it into 3 exploratory fragrances; 01 Nomad, 02 Owari and 03 Century. These unisex fragrances are the result of a collaboration with Larry Paul and Kelly Kovack of Purpose-Built, after working with German perfumer Drom on the development of the three distinct fragrances over the course of a year.

Exploratory in design, exploratory in essence, the scents are comprised of ingredients stemming from all corners of the globe; from the sultry seduction of sandalwoods from the West Indian shores in ‘01 Nomad’, to the rare Japanese mandarins in ‘02 Owari’.

The sensory experience doesn’t stop/start there; the elegant packaging is an exploration in black with contrasting materials and surfaces to promote discovery and a tactile experience. The design nuances of the transparent black bottle preserves the integrity of the fragrance while revealing the rich amber colour of the liquid when backlit. The custom weighted cap and its soft touch finish adds an unexpected detail to the completion of the fragrance.