Top off your scent with a spritz of water? That’s the idea behind Replay’s new fragrance masterbrand, Replay Your Fragrance. The men’s and women’s scents are infused with a molecule called cyclodextrin that releases more perfume particles when it comes into contact with water.

Though Replay’s fragrance licensee partner, Procter & Gamble Co., patented the reactivation technology in 2000, the firm tweaked aspects of it over the past two years to use it for the Replay scents. The fragrances are set to launch in 17,000 doors globally beginning Sept. 1. The new scents will coincide with the arrival of Italian denim brand’s jeans collection, Just Add Water, dyed with a new dyeing agent that cuts down on water use in the production cycle.

“The reactivation technology is totally new and freshly created for Replay, and it fits so well with the brand name.” – Heike Hindenlang. Will Andrews, fragrance scientist for P&G, explained the reactivation technology forced the firm to deviate from traditional perfume making practices when creating the scents. “We formulated the scents with more top and heart notes, which are the most volatile,” Andrews said. He added a naturally occurring molecule, part of the sugar family, cyclodextrin, was an integral part to the technology.

Industry sources predict the new Replay masterbrand will net $60 million in retail sales for the first year — a figure in line with Replay’s first fragrances launched last year. “The molecules work like tiny sponges to capture perfume oil in a outer shell, when water is added to it they are released. The end result takes fragrance into a different category, more active than passive.”

Replay Your Fragrance scents will communicate the reactivation technology via a series of diagrams on the outer packaging as well as an in-store set-up where customers can put water onto blotter strips to release the scent. A dedicated Internet site will also back the launches. “The technology really changes the way we wear scent and it is particularly resonant with the younger consumer, the trade is also excited about the launch as it is something new to tell the customer,” added Hindenlang.

Stockholm-based watercolor artist Stina Persson’s design of a couple is splashed over the fragrances’ outer packaging and also reprised in a television advertising campaign, which depicts brightly hued watercolor designs flowing on from one another, directed by Kirsa Plewnia from Atletico agency. In keeping with the painterly theme, in-store marketing materials include a wooden easel, and customers will be able to upload a photo to the scents’ Internet site to have it transformed into a watercolor painting.

Designed by Robert Vattilana, who also created Replay’s signature scent bottles, the narrow, tall glass flacons feature paint splotches and faceted, brushed silver caps. Replay Your Fragrance for Her is a fruity scent with top notes of orange, bergamot, freesia and middle notes of red fruits, orchid and rose and base notes of cedar and sandalwood. Replay Your Fragrance for Him belongs to the aromatic water olfactory family with top notes of ivy leaf, mandarin and cardamom, heart notes of clary sage, cedar leaf and a water accord, and base notes of sandalwood cedar and patchouli. The P&G fragrance creation team collaborated with International Flavors & Fragrances for Replay Your Fragrance for Her and Firmenich for Replay Your Fragrance for Him.

The reactivation technology added a euro to the price list for the scents, said Hindenlang. The scents come in four eau de toilette sizes: Replay Your Scent for Her, 20 ml. for 17 euros, or $24.20, 40 ml. for 25 euros, or $35.61, 60 ml. for 35 euros, or $49.85, and 90 ml. for 50 euros, or $71.21. Replay Your Scent for Him, 30 ml. for 17 euros, or $24.20, 50 ml. for 25 euros, or $35.61, 75 ml. for 35 euros, or $49.85, and 125 ml. for 49 euros, or $69.79. Auxiliary products include shower gel, deodorant and aftershave products for the men’s line.