Courvoisier has published an insight report looking into the evolution of our social habits and future trends of socialising. The Going Out Upgrade is the second of four Courvoisier ‘Upgrade’ white papers, written in collaboration with Courvoisier The Future 500 members, Loma-Ann Marks (founder and editor of Culture Compass) and Addie Chinn (editor of Urban Junkies and Protein Journal) and is available to download for free from


Renowned for its imaginative collaborations, Courvoisier’s second insight report focuses on ‘going out’ and the evolution of the term. Where once the focus was a Friday night, getting dressed up and going drinking, the term is now so fluid that ‘going out’ can mean anything from a late-night gallery opening to a floating cinema or a t-shirt printing club that doubles as a cafe. The report looks at what has influenced our change in habits and the revolution in trends; culture now plays a major part in our choices (61% of respondents to the report’s survey had been to a gallery in the last month), whilst the digital world is increasingly influential (75% of respondents say the web influences their decisions when going out). The report also contemplates the future, looking to see what the next incarnations of entertainment might look like and how the term ‘going out’ will evolve.


Considering topics from food and drink to social groups and communication, the report interviews some top names on the ‘going out’ circuit such as Tony Conigliaro (co-owner and brains behind 69 Colebrooke Row in Islington and the ZTH bar at Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell), Alistair Spalding (artistic director and chief executive of Sadler’s Wells London’s leading dance-house) and fashion designer Henry Holland, who all provide interesting insights into what ‘going out’ means to them.

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