Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the  Scotch Whisky blend from the House of Johnnie Walker, has unveiled a brand new look for its iconic luxury bottle.

Inspired by the original 19th century Johnnie Walker bottle, the contemporary redesign of this famous bottle features crafted details embodying rarity and exclusivity, and reflecting the House of Johnnie Walker’s commitment to both heritage and modernity. An ultra-thick glass base and side walls made from light blue glass frame the blend inside, allowing the whisky to shine through. The iconic John Walker & Sons monogram and Royal Warrant are printed directly onto the glass in a rich gold colour, while each bottle is individually numbered to reflect the limited nature of this Scotch Whisky.

The new bottle is presented in a redesigned luxurious, silk touch effect box, the outer finely embossed with the gold John Walker & Sons monogram and Royal Warrant, and inside, the bottle is delicately framed by a gold lining, reflecting light onto the Scotch Whisky within.


“Johnnie Walker Blue Label is built on an unwavering commitment to blending excellence. This commitment to excellence is something that our new bottle reflects in every way and we believe that it is now as beautifully crafted as the Scotch Whisky it contains.” – James Pennefather, Managing Director Reserve GB

The commemoration of Alex Walker’s remarkable Old Highland Whisky of 1867, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a skilful blend of the rarest whiskies taken from the four corners of Scotland. Handpicked by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, only 1 in 10,000 casks are deemed of sufficient character to deliver the remarkably smooth signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.  Part of an unbroken blending heritage stretching back over 190 years, Jim nurtures and blends in small batches, to create this most intense and complex of whiskies.

To mark the launch of the new bottle, the first 1,867 numbered bottles will each be personally gifted to those who have made extraordinary accomplishments today. Alongside this, The House of Johnnie Walker has commissioned the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Journal, a chronicle that tells the inspirational story of Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s epic journey from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world.

The new look bottle will be priced at RRP £200 and available from usual Johnnie Walker Blue Label stockists from September 2011.