Ape to Gentleman makes a return to another prominent male grooming topic – how to groom your ‘privates’. In essence, there is no exact science to the process, just as you would expect, specific tools for the job. Put it this way, you’d be wise not to use you regular Clippers or moustache trimmer on the crown jewels, and understandably, the converse also applies. So if you’re going to take the plunge and buy ‘tools’ specifically for the job, it only makes sense that you buy the right ‘tools’. A couple of weeks back we mentioned the BYB (Below your Belt) shaving cream, which covers the wet shaving aspect of manscaping, but today we look at a method for those that prefer (and are brave enough) to use electric razors of their privates. This leads us nicely onto the Seiko’s Cleancut kit.


Seiko’s clever Trimmer is used to reduce longer hairs to the length of stubble and the Cleancut Shaver then delicately removes the stubble to leave skin soft, smooth and hair-free. Unlike hair and beard trimmers, the Cleancut Trimmer does not have interlocking blades but rather just one vibrating toothed blade, thankfully eliminating the risk of catching skin in those sensitive areas. The Cleancut Shaver is unique in having a perfectly rounded foil making it ideal for use on even the most awkward areas.

The Seiko Cleancut Kit can be used on both men’s and women’s crotch area, including the crown jewels. It works equally well on legs, underarms and anywhere there is short, new hair growth or stubble. While it is especially effective at removing hairs on the chest, arms, back and even the face, if I were you, I’d keep this one purely as a specialist razor.