The new Body Shop For Men Maca Root range contains their new secret weapon, PeruvianMaca Root, which is famous for its energising and libido enhancing properties. Maca root is not only known as ‘Peruvian Viagra‘ it’s also known as one of the latest “superfoods”, and has sustained communities in Peru for centuries.

The naturally-growing maca root included within the For Men range helps maintain skin firmness, working together with other naturally derived ingredients such as Brazilian organically grown soya oil, Amazonian Brazil nut oil and Guatemalan Aloe Vera, to help improve the vitality and condition of the skin.

The range is not only kind to the environment and your skin, but as you would expect from the Body Shop, kind on the pocket. The price ranges from £4-£10, which seems inline with the emerging more affordable High Street male grooming segment. Ideal for men relatively new to the male grooming scene, looking for an organic grooming range. For more information on the Body Shop range and to try the Body Shop Maca root Range for yourself click here.