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Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning and uttered these words, “I’m never drinking again”? Whether or not you genuinely intend to follow this bold claim the likelihood is that after a night of excessive drinking and debauchery you’ll a.) be feeling horrendous and b.) your skin will be equally suffering. Despite the probability being low of you following some of these tips at 3am as you stagger home merry with kebab in hand (and on shirt), it’s worth (trying to) bear in mind that a small amount of Ape to Gentleman’s pre-pass-out skin care survival tactics will make all the difference.


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1. EAT SENSIBLY, ditch the kebab – aim for foods that are high in proteins, capable of slowing down alcohol absorption in the stomach.

Solution: Eat nuts, cheese on toast or a tuna sandwich.

2. REHYDRATE – alcohol, cigarettes (don’t), dancing and late nights generally contribute towards dehydrating the skin.

Solution: For every glass of alcoholic beverage consumed, drink 1 glass of water. This will help defeat dehydration and remove alcohol resulting in you feeling better when you wake.

3. SKIN CARE TIPS: After hours of ‘laying’ your moves on the dance floor you’ll have built up an unhealthy amount of sweat and oil on your face and hair – if you have the co-ordination, wash your face and follow with a moisturiser to boost hydration. We would also recommend a shower but this could be asking too much? Finally, brush your teeth and tongue, this will remove bacteria and help prevent morning breath with an accompaniment of last nights Sambuca.



Face Wash:Zirh Clean – works to remove dirt, pollution, sweat and oil. Also works to lift off dead surface skin cells, uncovering new, smoother looking skin. 250ml, £15.50 from

Moisturiser: Lab Series Night Recovery Lotion – a vitamin-enriched moisturising lotion that works throughout the night to repair and renew your battered skin. 50ml, £30.99 from Boots.

Toothpaste: Marvis – a classic toothpaste from Italy created using traditional methods to guarantees a rich, creamy paste. Exotic flavours produce a whirlwind of sensations. 75ml, £5.50 from

SLEEP… WAKE… 11:00AM (or later)

If you’ve followed the above steps you shouldn’t be feeling as horrendous as those who haven’t. From now on in, it’s good news all round, you’re recovering – maybe you don’t feel like you are but you are! Follow these steps:

4. SHOWER – this will reinvigorate you and help commence the detoxification of last nights excess and remove sweat and oil (if you didn’t shower last night) not to mention make you smell better.


Solution: Molton Brown for Men Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash – a glorious, rich foaming, aromatic shower gel, guaranteed to leave you smelling and feeling fresh and reinvigorated. 300ml, £18.00 from

5. SHAVE, carefully! Your bleary eyes and lack of co-ordination could result in nicks and cuts you’ll regret on Monday morning. Choose a good quality razor and shaving products to ensure the least possible damage and irritation.

Solution: Gillette Fusion Power Razor and eShave Verbena Lime collection shaving products, both market leading products offering the very latest in shaving technology and results.


6. MOISTURISE – use a rich moisturiser to thoroughly rehydrate your skin and give it the best chance of recovery.

Solution: Yu-Be Cream – in Japan Yu-Be is the best selling vitamin-enriched skin care cream. A specialised production method ensures a rich Glycerin content which is easily absorbed and will ensure your skin is thoroughly hydrated.

7. EYE CREAM – a good eye cream will ease that morning puffiness around the eye area, ease dark shadows and bags.


Solution: Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Eye Gel – a cooling, toning blend to soothe and support the delicate skin around the eye. Rich in collagen protecting antioxidants and toning witch hazel to help combat fine lines and dark circles. 10ml, £22.90.

8. SELF TAN – pale or even grey hangover skin, despite the above steps can still cause annoyance and particularly if you need to venture out. We recommend adding a touch of self-tan (yes, blokes do this) to make you look more Gentleman than Ape.

Solution: Invisivble Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF 30+ Light – mineral oil free, quick self tanner with the added bonus of sun protection factor. 50g, £25.00 from

9. AVOID STARBUCKS – not that we have anything against Starbucks but a large coffee isn’t the answer, keep drinking water or if your tired of water step it up a notch with a personal favourite of mine i-Focus Vitamin Water.


Solution: i-Focus Vitamin Water – it might be pink but it’s packed full of anti-oxidant vitamin C and energy releasing B vitamins to make you feel more human. It also contains vitamin A which is good for maintaing healthy vision, perfect for those bleary eyes! At the time I requested the above image, you could also win an Apple iPad. 500ml, around £2.00 from all good supermarkets.

RESULT: See below. Maybe (and hopefully) NOT but you’ll certainly feel better and more importantly you’re skin will have survived the excesses of your Saturday night! Good luck gents.