On the whole, men are still very covert about their grooming habits and only really want you to see the end product, not how they got there. While the male grooming industry is growing, it has not got to the stage yet where men are discussing their skin care choices, in the same way they mull over the choice of football boots, or even clothing for that matter.

That’s why it was refreshing to see Josh Duhamel ‘openly’ photographed carrying an Anthony Logistics weekender bag (a collaboration with leather goods line Morgan Grays), as he set off for his honeymoon with Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) last year.

I’m not saying that the tide has turned, but let’s put it this way – it’s reassuring to know that celebrities too rely on grooming products, just like the rest of us modern gents.

About Anthony Logistics Limited Edition MG Deluxe Weekend Bag:
Anthony Logistics founder Tony Sosnick is a frequent traveler, and on his many journeys the world over, he discovered Morgan Grays fine leather travel bags and accessories. The handcrafted luxury of each piece impressed him, and given his appreciation for both visual detail (as an avid art collector) and practicality (his grooming line is built on this principle), Morgan Grays quickly became his go-to for all his travel necessities.

The Limited Edition Deluxe Weekend Bag Includes: Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream, Citrus Body Cleansing Gel, Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion, Razor Burn Repair, Sea Salt Body Scrub, Pre Shave Oil, Facial Scrub, After Shave Balm. $1,200.00