I’ve been aware of Cowshed products for some years now but not until a recent stay at the fantastic Soho House Berlin have I indulged. After checking in at Soho House on Torstraße 1 and playing table tennis in the lobby (as you do), the polite staff whisked my bags up to my room and I headed to the rooftop pool and bar area. From check-in to rooftop the staff are friendly, polite, obviously very well trained, all of which subtly adds to the experience of the House’s stylish ‘retro-chic’ surroundings. Every aspect of the House is perfected to the highest of standards, from the lunch time menu to the bedding in each room. Now take these highest of standards and transform them into a male grooming range… Cowshed Bullocks for Men.

Every house in the Soho House group has a Cowshed Spa. The Cowshed story began in 1998 at the original Cowshed Spa (named after the building’s former occupants) in Babington House, Somerset (part of the Soho House group). Unfortunately my schedule didn’t permit a visit to the spa but this disappointment was offset by an array of products for me to try in my room. I had the entire Bullocks range and some of their unisex offerings, ranging from Cowlick Gentle Shampoo to Bullocks Bracing Body Wash.

Product-wise, the first signs are good – luxurious, stylish packaging (expected). Entertaining product names such as Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream (unexpected). The ingredients are all natural, free of chemicals and other irritants (excellent). Working for Ape to Gentleman, I naturally tried them all! And I must say, most impressive. They live up to the standard set by the rest of Soho House Berlin. There’s a hint of retro-chic here too, with the manly looking dark purple packaging. This was complemented by a plethora of the highest quality ingredients which in turn, obviously, makes for highly efficacious products and results.

The Bullocks Bracing Body Wash had a fantastic scent, lathered richly and was highly concentrated. The overly large walk in shower was the perfect setting for enjoying the body wash and Cowlick Gentle Shampoo. I followed with the Bullocks Refining Facial Scrub, which as well as smelling divine gently exfoliated my face and beard in anticipation of the Bullocks Smooth Shaving Cream which after reading the ingredients of amongst others, Hemp Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter built up hope that it would deliver a shave up to the Soho House standard… and it did. I completed the routine by applying the rich and quick absorbing Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser, leaving me satisfyingly groomed for an evening in Berlin.

I didn’t have time nor a willing female to apply the Bullocks Muscle Rub Massage Oil which incidentally was voted as one of The Times’ Top 100 Beauty Products for Men but this is now on my wish-list.


The Rooftop pool and bar area of Soho House Berlin

In summary, the Cowshed Bullocks for Men range is more than just a great male grooming brand, it, in my case, is an experience born in the exacting standards of Soho House Berlin and revisited time and again back home in my own bathroom. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit a Soho House then I would advise doing so… if not then I hope this review has whet your appetite for your home experience of the exacting standards of the Cowshed Bullocks for Men range.

Available worldwide from www.nivenandjoshua.com

For more information on Soho House visit www.sohohouse.com