With the growing of the skin care industry – particularly pertaining to men’s grooming – new brands face a struggle to break into the market and establish a sustainable presence.  It’s very rare to come across a brand that manages to combine both innovative product design, with a top quality product to ‘back it up’ – this is most certainly the case with Sir Terence Conran’s new line, Conran Bath & Body.

Given Conran’s background in design, the fact that the range will be well designed is almost a given. That said, in the skin care industry, it’s rare to see so much precision and detail go into the design of each product. Sir Terence Conran explains “I am very selective about what I keep in my bathroom and wanted to create something I would be proud to have on display, so Studio Conran designed the bottles from scratch – a rarity these days.”

He continues, “Orange detailing represents the Kilner jar’s vibrant flash of bright rubber and the rubber stoppers in apothecary bottles, while the tactile frosted body and smooth white base are reminiscent of ceramics and enamel. Bottles are finished with touches of aluminium for a smart, crisply finished look.”


While the bottles are elegant and contemporary, so is the product itself is by enlarge owing to the combination of classic yet modern ingredients in their chosen scents.  Developed by Kokomo the two fragrances, Conran 1 and Conran 2, are based on Terence’s favourite scents – old-fashioned cologne and fresh citrus; evocative of warm days in the south of France.

Conran 1


Conran 1 is a rich and intoxicatingly oudh wood fragrance with notes of fresh pepper, spicy nutmeg and sweet, aromatic cardamom. The Conran 1 range consists of a hand wash, hand lotion, shower gel, bath wash, body lotion, body scrub, hand cream and Conran 1 gift sets.

“Fragrances are represented by numbers to simplify information to the absolute essentials, while the idiosyncratic typography gives a touch of quirky personality.” – Sir Terence Conran

Conran 2


Conran 2 is fresh and cooling with top notes of lemon, fresh cut grass stems and a hint of mandarin. The Conran 2 range consists of a hand wash, hand lotion, shower gel, bath wash, body lotion, body scrub, hand cream and Conran 2 gift sets.

Arriving in time for Christmas, the Conran range is a small indulgence that bring’s a touch of Conran style to any contemporary bathroom. Beautifully fragranced formulations and generously sized bottles combine to create a range that is simple, pleasing to the eye and useful – the epitome of Conran style.

Conran Bath & Body 1 and 2 is available now online at The Conran Shop and Niven & Joshua and in store at Heals, John Lewis and Conran.