The concept of ‘Fragrance warfare’ has just been reignited by Japanese brand retaW with their Fragranced Room tags. An idea first realised with Comme des Garcons with their ‘Guerilla’ fragrance – a fragrance that comes equipped with additional sponge-like bottles to spray and leave where you will – and continued by Cire Trudon with their Boules Puantes (Stink Bombs), the retaW Fragranced Room Tag allows you to add your choice of scent to any environment, simply by hooking the tag on a door.


The Fragrance Room Tag comes in the shape of a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign and is available in three popular retaW scents – NATURAL MYSTIC*, ALLEN* & BLIND*.

  • ’Fragrance Room Tagʼ NATURAL MYSTIC* 1 sheet 9×20cm – ¥1,800/£15
  • ’Fragrance Room Tagʼ ALLEN* 1 sheet 9×20cm – ¥1,800/£15
  • ’Fragrance Room Tagʼ BLIND* 1 sheet 9×20cm – ¥1,800/£15

Available now from retaW Tokyo and selected retaW stockists worldwide.