It’s not easy to find an effective shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients – at least not that works anyway. Pomegranate, Nettle, Burdock, Basil and Sage; all unusual ingredients, but the core of the TommyGuns range and the reason their hair care products are favourites with celebrities, on the catwalk and in both their Shoreditch & Soho salons. To cap it off, across the entire range, no product costs more than £7

Introducing two new signature concoctions; TommyGuns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Shampoo and TommyGuns Jasmine, Wild Nettle & Sweet Almond Conditioner. The two new products are targeting dry, undernourished hair and are rumoured to replace the current TommyGuns Nettle & Burdock range.

TommyGuns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Shampoo £5.50

The shampoo caters for all those needs with Jasmine to help nourish and revitalise hair and Wild Nettle which gently soothes scalp and hair, calms, conditions and moisturises.

TommyGuns Jasmine, Wild Nettle & Sweet Almond Conditioner £5.50

Sweet Almond intensely conditions, strengthens and softens hair. Wild Nettle moisturises and conditions. Jasmine revitalises, feeds and nourishes your hair.

The cold weather may not be letting up thus far in 2011 Gents, but TommyGuns signature fragrances and distinctive aromas are one way to lift your spirits and senses this winter.

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