For the gentlemen amongst us who prefer to keep their torsos (and beyond) hair free, there is a new tool on the block. Known as Inhibitif – it touts itself as the pain-free alternative to waxing and expensive laser treatments.

A highly-concentrated serum, Inhibitif helps reduce the apparent prominence and density of body hair, minimising the need for hair removal in 8 weeks.

Entering the market as an alternative competitor to tried-and-tested temporary methods like shaving, waxing and creams, but also to long-term, laser or IPL hair removal treatments. And the painless solution is a fraction of the price – at only £29.99/ 250ml from Boots.

Tom Heinar, Cosmetic Science Advisor at Deciem, the brand umbrella behind Inhibitif, commented:

“Inhibitif targets the hair follicle directly to slow down the apparent growth rate and density of unwanted hair; as a result, many hairs seem to never grow while using Inhibitif, and many hairs seem to grow to a lesser degree. This action on hair cycle reduces the apparent amount of hairs and impairs overall hair quality, thus drastically minimising the need for hair removal in weeks.”

We are searching for a hairy Ape to test this solution, and will report back shortly with our findings. Has anyone tried Inhibitif? If so, please leave your comments below.