As our lips do not contain the protective melanin pigmentation, it is vital to ensure that they receive special care and maintenance, which is something most of us forget. Yes, being male does mean that we can get away with looking rugged, but there is nothing attractive about dry, chapped lips. Nothing. This leads nicely onto the star of this show, Chapfix.

A truly innovative product, Chapfix is lip balm engineered for men. Held in a sleek, patented packaging, Chapfix has SPF 15 and is made with the highest quality natural ingredients including Coconut oil, Beeswax, Mineral oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

With so few lip balms made just for men, Chapfix set out to change that by catering for a gentleman’s functional needs. For example, Chapfix has an angled top to slide into your pockets with ease, a slim profile to avoid ruining the silhouette of your denim, grips on the sides for use in all conditions, and lest we forget, it’s heals and soothes chapped lips. No excuses now Chaps, your lips will thank you.