For the past week or so I have been trialling a rather unique product. The target area is the hair on my head and the aim to get more volume. The product in question is Lock Stock & Barrel Volumatte which promises to be…

A revolutionary preparation and styling hair volumising powder for men.

Skeptical? Yes. More so when the product arrived on my desk, a grainy-looking white powder and only 20g of it for £16.50.

Volumatte claims to address common problems faced my men with limp, lank or lifeless hair. A blend of water infused mattifying silicas and natural hair thickening proteins is the answer, apparently. After a previously positive experience from Lock Stock & Barrel last year and despite my scepticism, I took the plunge and gave Volumatte a go.

I must say, I’m pleased I did. Truthfully, it was the small quantity of white powder that intrigued me – quite different to anything else on offer in the male grooming market. The dry powder (only a very small amount required) liquifies when rubbed in the palm of your hand ready for application. The white powder then turns clear and is barely visible on your palms (further scepticism) but when applied to your hair the magic begins. Instantly, and I mean right away my hair felt and looked much thicker.

Objective achieved. Thicker looking hair. An added bonus was that Volumatte allowed me to easily style my hair, left a matte finish and importantly, it was easily washed out. All scepticism removed. For those of you with thinning hair concerns, this works.

Available in two sizes: 10g, £9.95 and 20g, £16.50 from Harvey Nichols stores.