New research conducted by Braun reveals an overwhelming number of men (60%) do not shave over the weekend because they are too lazy! Yet interestingly 70% of British men prefer themselves with a clean shaven look at work – presenting men with a difficult predicament, a shave-free weekend often means a painful Monday morning shave. Not anymore – thanks to the new Braun Series 3, men can now celebrate pain-free Monday morning shaves – making it the perfect product for men.

However for those men who embrace their 3 day growth, Braun has more good news. This lazy mans shave free weekend attitude, can actually attract the ladies. According to Allan & Barbara Pease the three-day beard serves as a strong visual badge of masculinity* – women find men with 3 days growth more attractive; they aren’t seen as too boyish. Meaning there are now more reasons then ever to embrace your 3 day growth over the weekend yet still maintain and enjoy a professional clean shave on Monday morning with Braun.

The Braun Series 3 foil shaver brings Braun’s Triple Action Free Float System to the mid-range shaver market, delivering high performance cutting of long hairs just as easily as short ones, while minimising skin irritation. So now you can enjoy the freedom of your 3 day growth, as the Series 3 cuts long hairs just as easily as short ones.

Foil shavers offer an extremely natural and efficient shaving method. Shave in different directions both with and against your hair growth to allow a precise, controlled and comfortable unique shaving regime that works best for you.  The Braun Series 3 is the first in the range to feature a wet & dry version, giving men the versatility of using it in the shower.

What’s more Braun not only aims to make your Monday mornings pain-free, but also makes your bank balance less irritated too, which is why selected lines in the Braun Series 3 range are now half price at selected retailers from 22nd October to 30th December 2009. Making the Braun Series 3 the perfect gift this Christmas too.