Well despite them insisting the vehicle is aimed at men and women, the name gives away their real target market for this vehicle.  That said, I think it’s still worth a mention; imagine this kind of technology implemented into the next BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, Rolls Royce or whatever car the executive travellers will be using in the future?  Let me explain…

The ‘ZOE’ ZE is an electric car concept from Renault due to go into production in 2012. Besides being environmentally/eco friendly with zero emissions and an exclusive ‘Quickdrop’ system allowing a rapid battery charge, the show piece of the care comes from Renault’s collaboration with L’Oreal’s luxury products division, Biotherm. Biotherm have added health and beauty benefits to the driving experience:

  • An electric system diffuses essential oils into the cabin, tailored to the needs of the driver
  • Air filtration and purification technology keeps the air clean, bringing further benefits for the skin
  • Climate-control system stops the cabin air drying out, so skin remains hydrated

Imagine being eased awake on the way to work by dynamic active essential oils in the morning, and switching the system to relax mode on the way home from a long day at the office. Long Drive? Not an issue, the essential oils can also be used to help the driver remain focused and awake throughout the journey.

All in all a good concept; now all they have to do is hand the technology over to the likes of BMW, Audi and Bentley, so us men can take full advantage and still retain our social credibility.