There is something about a full cultured beard that immediately gives its ‘host’ an air of wisdom, vivacity and interest. Couple this with a well preened moustache and you are the epitome of the current climate’s modern gentleman. Fashion & Grooming tend to reflect the times, and the rise in popularity can definitely be attributed to harsh winter along with the growning affinity for  ‘Heritage’ products and hence heritage looks.

This, coupled with men’s grooming undoubted trending, has seen the birth of more beard related products, products for beard cultivation, styling and general beard upkeep. Today Ape to Gentleman bring you news of one such product from Brooklyn-based perfumer Anne McClain and her company MCMC fragrances. Rather than stick with convention, for her first men’s fragrance, Anne opted instead to make a scent in the guise of a Beard Oil.


Woody with sweet and spicy undertones, the all-natural formula is a mix of cedar, coriander and peppercorns, which results in a scent that’s nostalgic yet modern. Furthermore, the base of organic hemp seed oil and American jojoba are good for hair and skin. To use, simply dab a bit on your neck and rub in your winter beard.

Available at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop and online at Carter & Bond: