Home, fragrance, bath and body brands; Molton Brown, have just landed an almighty footprint in the skincare market. Molton Brown have almost but sewn up the aforementioned beauty and grooming areas but skincare is yet to be dominated. This week, that may be about to change with the launch of the Molton Brown Skincare and Anti-Ageing Bodycare Collection.

As you’d expect with Molton Brown the products have undergone rigorous clinical trials and all the products boast clinically proven results. In today’s world, ‘clinically proven’ is a given but where Molton Brown comes in to their own is through drawing on their heritage of world travel experience. Ingredients have been sourced from western cultures such as Spain and from a far a field as Polynesia. Importantly, although I admit there is a dual benefit, ingredients haven’t only been sourced from exotic places because they sound good but because they actually work and are the best ingredient for Molton Brown’s desired outcome.

Despite Molton Brown having a dedicated men’s grooming and skincare range (Ape to Gentleman review here), which I might add is also excellent, the new Skincare and Anti-Ageing Bodycare Collection is unisex, as most Molton Brown products are. I like this for two reasons; lazy Apes can buy products for their partners and use them too, also; the new range is specific to different skin types; dry, normal and oily, ideal for those who need specific products for their given skin type.

Skincare Collection

The new skincare collection consists of 10-pieces and is based on low maintenance and high performance products engineered to help significantly improve the skin’s health and ageing process. It is designed to target problems specifically, on the whole anti-oxidant rich and contains solutions for the for eyes and lips.

Clean and Prep

  • Normal to Dry Skin – Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid £25/200ml and Tamarind Fruit Refining Toner £25/200ml.
  • Normal to Oily Skin – Malachite Cleansing Gelle £25/200ml and Pink Toronja Refining Toner £25/200ml.


  • Dry Skin – Creole Grass Anti-ageing Hydra-crème £65/50ml.
  • Normal Skin – Peruvian Maca Anti-ageing Hydra-crème £65/50ml.
  • Oily Skin – Rosa Fruit Anti-ageing Hydra-crème £65/50ml.

All of the Molton Brown Anti-ageing Hydra-crèmes help lock-in moisture and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to keep skin looking younger.


Karanja Tree SPF30 £35/50ml is a sunshield protecting skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with a great matte finish, designed for all skin types. Molton Brown opt for collagen-boosting peptides found in African mango and papaya extracts for their Pep-rich Lip Booster £30/3.5ml, which help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips, leaving them soft and smooth. Ashbark and vitamin B3 are the main ingredients in the Vita B3 Eye Concentrate £45/15ml which I found to be excellent at reducing dark circles and puffiness. It also contains tetra peptides to soften fine lines and wrinkles around your eye.

Anti-Ageing Bodycare Collection

The Anti-Ageing Bodycare Collection consists of three products all with the same three objectives; to help fight wrinkles, uneven skin tone and creases which make skin look older – I’m taking moisturising and hydration as a given here. The stand out ingredient is Polynesian kopara – a highly purified marine extract from the Polynesian atoll of Moorea; an exopolysaccharide, which to me and you may mean little but I’m told that it is naturally rich in essential minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium and helps maintain a healthy skin water balance. It’s also great at protecting the body from pollutants that lead to ageing skin.

  • Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Neck & Décolletage Crème £50/50ml – combines Polynesian kopara with a sugar pea complex to help even out skin tone, peptides to minimise wrinkle appearance and paracress for firmer, smoother looking skin.
  • Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Hand Crème £25/75ml – another delight to use, it promotes strong, healthy nails through a blend of red algae, nutmeg, apple and daisy for firmer skin and a more even skin tone, not to mention leaving them hydrated and importantly, it absorbs easily with no greasy residue.
  • Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Body Crème £60/200ml – with skin firming and pollution protecting brown seaweed, and toning oat polyoses my skin was left well hydrated throughout the day and again left with no greasy residue on application.


My normal to dry skin type meant I leaned towards the superb Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid, Tamarind Fruit Refining Toner and Peruvian Maca Anti-ageing Hydra-crème skincare wise. Bodycare wise, the Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Body Crème was excellent as discussed above.

Molton Brown have lived up to their reputation of quality and effective products here, with a fine skincare and bodycare range. I particularly like the simplistic yet targeted regimes for specific skin types, there are no ridiculous ‘miracle cure’ claims or exaggerated promises, just products which work, have been proven to work, all made with an array of carefully selected, exquisite ingredients. Watch out existing skincare brands, Molton Brown just turned up the heat.