Moustache novices and experts alike, here are some moustache tips from Ape to Gentleman to make this Movember the most Stache-tacular one yet.

Ape to Gentleman tips for Movember:

Always keep the rest of your face clean shaven – This is Movember not Febeardary, let your Stache have the limelight. For those struggling to grow a prominent Tasche, a clean shaven face will make your efforts look much more impressive. It’s all relative.

♦ Give your Mo time to grow before you start cultivating it into a particular shape. You might know the Stache you want, but your Mo might grow in a way that surprises you. Movember is not all about Mo length but style as well and your Stache knows best.

♦ Don’t be afraid to style your Tasche. Mo’s are hair after all and there to be styled. There are specialist Moustache styling products out there (such as Lucky Tiger moustache wax, Moustache combs etc) but if you are struggling, ordinary Pomade or hair Wax should be ample to get you through the Mo-nth (See what I did there).


♦ If you’re aiming for a specialist Mo style, choose a style that is better suited to your facial hair growth. If you’re fresh out of puberty, probably best not to go for the dense Tom Selleck, Magnum P. I. Stache, perhaps the Clark Gable would be more suitable. Or for the Afro-Caribbean’s maybe steer clear of the delicate Dali, and embrace variations of the higher density Shaft ‘Fu Manchu’ moustache.

♦ Treat your Moustache as you would the hair on your head; wash it regularly, and even use conditioner to improve moustache density and keep it and ‘fluffy’. While you may be tempted to leave the Moustache Wax on your Stache, good care and attention will improve styling results. Besides if your Tasche smells better, the other half will be less likely to complain…. In theory at least anyway.


For any moustache style queries email Ape to Gentleman at [email protected], or join our community in the Forum.

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For those of you growing Mo’s for charity, feel free to email us the details of your cause ([email protected]) and we’ll post them on our Facebook wall to help you on your way.