Body and hair are gently cleaned with Polaar Men’s shower gel. Your skin feels revitalised and soft. Your skin and scalp’s pH is respected. Icelandic Lichen purifies, Natural Polysaccharides tone the skin. Menthol based agent provides a refreshing feeling.

Polaar the brand- to survive by -45°C, with 220km/h winds and 6 months of polar night, Arctic and Antarctic plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients. Concentrated in each Polaar skincare products they provide you with all their strength and purity in all conditions.


From a family of polar explorers and former French Olympic class sailing champion, Daniel Kurbiel nourishes a passion and a large respect for the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. During his expeditions in the Great North he noticed the extraordinary adaptability and resistance of these plants living in extreme weather conditions.

Urban, nomadic, active and sporty at times, the Polaar man needs skincare that is different but that resembles his lifestyle. Dynamic yet elegant, he wants practical and performant skincare products that will fit into his daily routine. Polaar skincare products affirm their masculinity by reinforcing the image of strength and self-assurance.

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