retaW (the word ‘Water’ in reverse) Fragrance Tablet is a thick paper-like sheet packed full of unique scent compositions. One sheet can be split into eight tablets ideal for placing in your wallet, car, room or gym bag.

Following on from the five original retaW-Tokyo scents and recent additions; NENEH* and AL*, retaW have added two new tablets to their collection; COLLINS* and BLIND*, both matching up with the latest release of their corresponding body washes.

The Scents…

These new fragrances see a different approach to typically ‘spicy’ scents. Represented by the colouring on the flacons they are both citrus based scents; retaW COLLINS* (red) exudes the refreshing aroma of sweet mandarin orange, while retaW BLIND* (yellow) combines a sweet lemon scent with spicy ginger.


One of our favourite brands; retaW-Tokyo, continues to impress.

Available to the world at Niven & Joshua.