The newest two fragrance members to the retaW family, MARK* and FIONA* get an early revamp in the guise of a fragranced fabric refresher. You can now use the pacifying scent of fresh apple and cinnamon (FIONA*) to eliminate odours from fabric, or use the sweet musky almond (MARK*) on clothing, shoes, and furnishings to revive them in the retaW way – organically.

retaW (the word “Water” in reverse) is in its essence elemental, embodying the purity of its namesake – Water.

Expect the arrival MARK* & FIONA* in the popular retaW Body Washes for Body & Soul – most definitely on the horizon.

MARK* & FIONA* Fragrance Liquid for Fabric is available on retaW’s website and exclusive stockists worldwide.

Price: ¥1,890 / £15