Conventionally a tooth brush is not the most exciting item in your grooming artillery; it’s something you use on a daily basis (I hope) more out of necessity than want. The tendency to treat brushing teeth as a chore has stuck with us since childhood, where the mere mention of brushing teeth alluded to something all the more terrible – bedtime. That said, as the mentality changes with respect to grooming and self maintenance, technology has propelled this otherwise mundane piece of equipment into stardom in the guise of an Electric Toothbrush. This leads nicely on to the subject of review, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean.

First impressions do make a difference; while in actuality they have no bearing on how a product will perform, mentally they help to put your mind at ease. Having used and electric toothbrush for the last few years, I’m no stranger to the aesthetics, but I have to admit, this one is stunning; elegant form with minimal design features and buttons. The different options only become visible once the brush is activated, muted white text appearing from the handle, with the reassuring green battery icon on the base, reminding you that you are good to go. The brush also comes with an futuristic, clasp-less travel case with magnetic closing, that also doubles up as a charger via a USB cable. Great start, but how did it perform?

How did it Perform?

The brushing experience – I’m pleased to report – matched the packaging; the brush notified you at 30 second intervals so you could change brush position, and the Smartimer let you know exactly when doctor recommended brushing time of two minutes was up. At first use, this may seem like a long time, but after a few brushes you soon find that the time seems shorter and shorter. The mode that I mainly used was the ‘Clean’ setting, occasionally choosing ‘Polish’ or ‘White’ for the impromptu midday brush. The different settings are perfect for those of you that like to brush after every meal; the various modes adjust the length and intensity of the brush. The battery life is the best I’ve come across to date, however when the battery life does get low, the green light in the handle turns to flashing amber. Another great feature of the brush, rather than a conventional stand, to charge it simply place the brush in the Philips Glass provided and the brush will automatically charge.


Regardless of what a brush looks like, it needs to clean your teeth otherwise what’s the point? The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean ticks every box, cleans teeth, whitens teeth, long battery life, travel case and what’s more, it looks great doing it. At £250 (SRP) it has a lot to live up to, but I have to say in my opinion, it certainly has.