Canadian-born Ronny Colbie, the ex-creative master behind the flowers and events of Soho House and Soho Farmhouse, has left the group after eight years to channel his passion and knowledge of fragrance into launching his inaugural collection, featuring four uniquely scented candles.

 Each of the candles tells a tale, linking scent and memory based on nostalgic moments from his life; from the fresh, rich scents of the Canadian landscape, to the mystique of Paris and his English garden. Using only the finest ingredients, Colbie creates a refined and elegant fragrance with an impressive 60 hours of burn time.

cotswold-garden-b_product  The four scents, each of which is inspired by a different nation, are:

  • Cotswolds Garden (English Countyside)
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi (Parisian Streets)
  • Lake Muskoka (Canadian Wilderness)
  • Mud Season (Upstate New York)

Ronny’s love of flowers is the driving point behind his creations, and his love for floristry has taken him around the world, leading him to work with high profile clients, creating weddings and events for the finest that Hollywood has to offer.


“To me flowers are extremely personal, and it is not only their visual beauty which leads people to appreciate them, but also their scent which stirs up our memories and recollections. The fragrance of flowers draws deep parallels with fine fragrance as they both evoke emotions and perhaps why one has naturally led to the other.” – Ronny Colbie


In addition to the candle collection, Ronny Colbie also offers a bespoke fragrance service to create a unique scent tailored to you, for a special occasion, a gift, or a free label commercial fragrance.

Candles, £70, by RONNY COLBIE