You may already have heard of Smiley, or at least recognise it’s iconic branding whose legendary smile has travelled throughout generations. A timeless logo representing happiness, Smiley reveals its first olfactive therapy. Smiley offers a unisex and universal range of products with micro-nutrients to activate happiness. This happy-therapy offers an antidepressant cure of a new kind.

For smiley, the Firmenich laboratories have come up with a fragrance, of which the chemical elements have been specially selected to cheer you up making smiley the first anti-depressant perfume. Its secret: the formula is based on natural bio-chemistry combining theobromine with phenylethylamine derived from pure cocoa extract. This psycho-stimulant cocktail is available in a whole range of preparations using galenical pharmacology. With micro-nutrients to activate happiness, this psycho-tonic fragrance is declined in a whole range of innovative perfumed solutions adapted both for women and men.

The formulae are preserved in exclusive perfume bottles developed by the prestigious glassmaking techniques of Saint-Gobain and designed by ora-ïto, the most sought-after designer of his generation. This scented therapy looks more like a collection of objects that have escaped from the health centre of a space ship.

The very first antidepressant perfume. How does it work?

In order to have everyone smile, even the most stubborn, smiley entrusted science with the composition of an olfactive substance with euphoriant bio-mechanics. It is in nature that the components of this psychoactive cocktail were drawn. Thanks to research undertaken worldwide by scientists on the tangible benefits of aromatherapy, smiley isolated the ingredients recognized for their stimulating capacities and assembled them for the first time in a perfume. Smiley contains monoaminated alkaloids having a pharmacodynamic action called phenylethylamine and theobromine. Phenylethylamine is to passion what endorphin is to love.

It sets off a feeling of joy, excitement and euphoria. Theobromine blocks the receivers of adrenalin and thus decreases the effects of stress by a comfortable feeling of wellbeing. These two cardiotonics associated together dope vitality and sets up the moral.

The ‘magic’ formula

Sparkling-fruity while delightfully spicy and woody-musky, smiley’s olfactive formula surprises and hypnotises with a pure concentrate of optimistic notes. The scent starts off with a sparkling note which fades into a somewhat spicy scent for more ‘thrilling’ moments. Generous, the end product offers a warm, woody, musky wrapping. You will find the same regenerating and energising active aromas in the whole smiley range. Three families for a unisex fragrance of happiness: three innovating associations for a range which irradiates the joy of life:

  1. Energising top notes with bergamot and orange
  2. A heart full of delectable pleasures with cocoa and praline
  3. A relaxing base note with the association of patchouli and musk

To truly embrace all the fragrance has to offer, let your imagination be seduced by the light dizziness of a pure moment of relaxation by closing your eyes and breathing in deeply. The exclusive association of these stimulating notes embraces your senses and gives an indescribable sensation of wellbeing. Happiness in a bottle – it’s certainly worth a try.