Keeping Up Appearances in the Workplace- advice from Style and Grooming Expert, Brett Fahlgren. In today’s competitive business environment, it is important to always be at your best. Recent studies indicate the importance of your appearance at a job interview and in the workplace, and a slovenly, unkempt or poorly groomed look is noticed immediately. Following is advice from grooming and style expert Brett Fahlgren to help you gain confidence and make a great impression, whether you’re looking for a job or trying to keep your competitive edge.

Be Prepared: You never know when a job opportunity will present itself – you can run into a potential employer at the gym or on your way to the store. Take good care of your appearance at all times – even if you’re running out for a quick trip to the corner store – because a chance meeting can quickly turn into an informal interview. Your friends, acquaintances and colleagues will be more inclined to recommend you for a position if you’re highly capable and look the part.

Great Grooming: Establish a grooming regimen that is easy and gets your day started on the right foot. Gillette has a full line of grooming products – including razors, shave gels, body washes, deodorants, shampoos and hair styling products – that perform well, help you to look your best and are affordable. It’s not about the amount of time you spend getting ready, but rather, more about making efficient use of your limited time, by using the best products available so you can leave the house looking great and feeling confident.

The Right Color and Fit: Go for simplicity—solid colors like navy, black and grey are perfect for suits, while white or shades of blue are ideal for dress shirts. But even the most expensive suit can look sloppy if it’s not the right size. Make sure the items in your wardrobe fit flawlessly, even if this means seeking out the help of a tailor. When purchasing a new suit, look for:

Shoulder Fit: The arm should fall naturally right from the edge of your shoulder.

Jacket Length: Try a jacket that is a bit shorter than what you typically wear and notice how it can clean up your look considerably.

Arm Length: Try a higher and slightly more fitted armhole so that when standing with arms to your side, you can see a bit of light between the side of the jacket and your arm sleeve.

Sleeve Length: The arm sleeve length should line up with your thumb knuckle, allowing about 1/2” of your dress shirt cuff to show.

Don’t Sweat It: Some of the most embarrassing grooming issues in the workplace have to do a personal care basic – deodorant. Ninety-three percent of HR professionals in a recent Gillette survey said body odor or sweat stains are big red flags when it comes to meeting job candidates. When you know you’re going to be in a high-stress situation, like a job interview or an important presentation, use a prescription strength product like Gillette Clinical Strength. Knowing that you’re protected from sweat stains and body odor can help you maintain confidence.

Effortless Style: Above all else, it’s vital for good style to appear effortless. Trying too hard never translates well. You want your interviewers or colleagues to notice that you look good without quite knowing what you’ve done. Pay attention to those items that will help you to establish a modern classic look that is all your own: a nice watch, well made shoes and a well-fitted suit.

Clean up your Act: While work environments may not have “clean-shaven” as a job requirement, take the extra step. Shaving can make your skin look younger and fresher, and implies that you’re serious about the job. Use steady, even strokes and let a razor like Gillette’s Fusion Power Gamer do the work for you. It delivers soothing micro-pulses that help reduce friction and increase razor glide. When it comes to your hair, keep it simple – overly spiked hair with lots of product in it will get you noticed, but in the wrong way. A safe bet is the side part, popularized by the show Mad Men: Naturally part your hair to the side then add a bit of pomade or gel. Your hair should stay in place while looking clean and natural.

Keep Essentials Ready: You never know what the end of a long day will call for: a last minute interview or date, perhaps. Be prepared by keeping a drawer of essentials ready: deodorant, fragrance, toothpaste, breath freshener and a spare dress shirt.

About Brett Fahlgren
Brett Fahlgren is a style and grooming expert whose personalized shopping and style advice has helped successful men of all ages sharpen their look and has made him a go-to resource for producers, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes and other high-profile clients. With a resume that includes tenures at Prada and Calvin Klein, Brett has been GQ’s Style Correspondent since 2006. As host and producer of GQ’s Milan Fashion Report, he has interviewed leading menswear designers Miuccia Prada, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, among others. Other TV work includes hosting a segment on E! Entertainment’s top-rated show, “The Daily 10.” Brett currently lives with his wife in New York City.