In April Schick will launch its new Hydro line of razors, which are designed to dramatically improve the shave experience by going beyond hair removal to care for skin. Schick Hydro is a reinvention of the classic cartridge razor, featuring many first to market technologies that reduce irritation and provide men with more comfortable shaves. The company will also introduce a line of Schick Hydro shaving products, to work in conjunction with the new razor as a more complete skin comfort system.

The Schick Hydro razor is the most tested product in the brand’s history, and represents its closest collaboration with consumers to date. Schick’s research found that when men were boys, they most looked forward to shaving and considered it a rite of passage.  But now only three in ten men shave regularly, and the number one reason they found for shave avoidance is irritation.


Schick Hydro aims to tackle the irritation issue head on with each component – blades, lubricating strip, even the handle – working to improve skin comfort and reduce irritation. Central Schick Hydro razor innovations include:

• Skin Guards – Skin guards are innovative skin protectors that act to smooth out skin between blade tips to reduce irritation.

• Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir – The Schick Hydro blade cartridge uses proprietary technology to pack advanced lubrication –  with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E – into a Hydrating Gel Reservoir that reinvents the lubricating strip.  The lubrication delivered by Schick Hydro razors adds hydration in multiple strokes, providing lubrication from start to finish and reducing irritation.

Flip Trimmer – The advent of a Flip Trimmer on the five-blade razor allows men to flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir for precise edging and shaving in tight area.

• New ergonomic handle design

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