Formerly a taboo, and now a welcome addition to any Gentleman’s grooming arsenal- men’s cosmetics are growing in popularity. A blemish, redness or dark under-eye circles are common problems for many men, but why suffer when a simple product or two can conceal your concerns.

In-light of this, we enlisted the help of the experts from – who offer the UK’s widest selection of makeup for men. From foundations, concealers and bronzers, all designed for men, to eye makeup products such as guyliner, mascara for men and even brow gel. Below you will find Three of The Best from MMUK MAN.

MMUK MAN Concealer Stick

One of the most natural concealers for men on the market, designed to cover any facial imperfection. Available in a variety of colours; easily match your skin tone be it light, medium or dark, there’s an MMUK MAN concealer to suit.

Designed to cover blemishes, acne scars and even Rosacea. No longer is there pain in being vein, as more and more of us are realising how simple and subtle a little concealer can help.

£14.00 >

MMUK MAN Beard Filler

This mens beard filler is new to MMUK MAN, and has instantly become their bestselling product this year. It fills patchy beards, with an undetectable look- perfect for those following the omnipresent beard trend.

£12.00 >

MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer

For late nights, out or in the office this concealer designed specifically for the eye area hides dark circles, bags and fine lines. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic product for men over 35.

£14.50 >