Ape to Gentleman understandably reserve a soft spot for the art of shaving, but also one for brands with traditional values; today we’re proud to present you a brand that adheres to both.

Vintage Shaving Company is a new men’s grooming brand, that combines traditional values (quality and simplicity) with the latest technologies in formulations all the while being environmentally considerate [1. None of the Vintage Shaving Company formulations contain palm oil or are tested on animals.].

The brand debuts with two collections, Trad and Mod. As their names suggest, one line of products has a more traditional hue, where as Mod is fashionably up-to-date, especially in style and design.

The Formulations

The Exfoliating Face Wash (containing Aloe Vera) removes dead skin and opens pores, while the Shave Cream (containing Vitamin E & Almond Oil) lubricates the beard and smoothes the skin to ensure a clean shave. The Daily Face Balm (containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Starflower Oil & Shea Butter) soothes, hydrates and repairs the skin while the EDT refreshes and protects by acting as an astringent closing the pores.

All of the Vintage Shaving formulations are naturally blended, each with their own natural key ingredients chosen to target different aspects of men’s shaving skincare.

The Fragrances

is a hard hitting classic citrus fragrance blending cool lime, bergamot and lemon notes with warming lavender and woods harking back to the long forgotten traditions of men’s grooming.

Mod blends a sharp spearmint and bergamot top notes with a softer plum and cumin heart which dry down to a warmer vanilla and amber soul to create a uniquely striking and long lasting scent.

Despite the premium image of the range, they have managed to keep their prices affordable; the shaving products will all be priced under £10, while the more exclusive Trad and Mod Eau de Toilettes (100ml) will be positioned with an RRP of £34.

How does Vintage Shaving Company compare you ask? Review to come shortly on Ape to Gentleman, watch this space…

The Vintage Shaving Company products are exclusive to Harrods from 1st April 2011 for one month.