The male grooming industry has grown significantly over the last few years and we are now starting to see market segmentation and the introduction of truly innovative grooming products, products truly made for male market. Designed, produced and conceived in England, Otis Batterbee is a purveyor of luxury accessories for men straddling the boundaries of grooming and travel. The collection of accessories is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation; the Eye Masks contain a hint of lavender which emits a tranquil aroma, with velvet backing which gently caresses your face, helping even the longest of journeys fly by.

Batterbee uses only the finest raw materials, combining the British legacy of traditional hand skills with modern technology.

A nod to the heritage of the wax coat, the Waxed Grand Tour wash bags are made using durable waxed canvas fabric produced by a British mill that was founded in 1880 specifically for Otis Batterbee.

Central Saint Martins trained designer Otis Batterbee is at the heart of his name sake range which was originally born from a need for great travel solutions crafted from the finest quality materials. Quality accessories complemented with clever products such as the ‘To Sleep’ spray which promotes calm and deep sleep, will see Batterbee become a firm favourite in the commuter world of modern gentlemen.

For those Gentlemen that don’t like to travel, you might want to re-evaluate your position, for those Gents that do, you now have the perfect travel companion.

The Otis BatterbeeLondon product line consists of lavender filled dandy eye masks, wash bags, travel candles, smart luggage and clothing refreshers, the pochettes (hankies) and sprays for the home and travel. For more information visit: