If you’re lucky enough to have tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa this summer then you’ll no doubt be aware that the weather in South Africa, despite it being their winter, will still be dry, hot and warmer than a European summer. Combine the weather with emotional England games, over-indulgence in alcoholic beverages and a lack of sleep likely, we’ve decided to put together our World Cup Skin Care Survival Guide for Men – a quick and easy guide to make sure World Cup fans are properly prepared with their skin care essentials.

Travel Kit

The key to travelling light, especially if you’re following the England team from match to match. A travel kit is vital, sufficient quantities of all the essentials in a handy washbag – makes sure you have all bases covered.

High-Flyer Recommendation:The Anthony Logistics Grab & Go Travel Kit – containing airline approved grooming essentials ranging from Coconut Shampoo and Shower Gel to Shave Cream and Moisturiser, all housed in a carry-on friendly clear zip to plastic bag. The kit contains good sized quantities of everything, which should keep you looking like a million dollars (aka Lionel Messi’s monthly salary) all the way to the World Cup Final!

England Team Recommendation: Nivea For Men Travel Essentials £6.50 – Nivea is officially supplying the England players, team of our hopes and dreams, with grooming products. This travel pack, suitable for hand luggage, contains shower gel, shaving gel, after-shave balm, deodorant and a toothbrush.


You leave home a Gentleman and return home a bearded ape, don’t! While you’re out there basking in the South African sun, let’s keep shaven and get some healthy rays (Vitamin D) on your face.

Recommendation: The Gillette Fusion Limited Edition Razor – Hands down the best shave on the market, with a mightily impressive amount of research and technology going into each blade. We prefer the Gamer version with it’s white handle, sportier look and the all important Flag of England, the St George’s Cross.

Sun Care

Often neglected by football (soccer for our US readers) fans, sun care is so important for so many reasons. We need to put an end to football fans wearing white England shirts on lobster red back drops (their skin). Despite looking horrendous and feeling uncomfortable the more serious side affects of skin diseases such as skin cancer make wearing a sunscreen vital.

Recommendation: Riemann P20 – Not only does this sunscreen offer excellent sun protection but also, it only needs to be applied once a day, perfect for lazy apes. If you take a dip in the sea or after England win, a city centre fountain or such like (not advisable), it has excellent water resistance. Wake up in the morning, apply, you’re done – covered all day. Quick, easy and we can’t stress the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.

SPF Lip Protection

So, we’ve covered sunscreen but we need to take it one step further – lip protection. You’ve applied your Riemann P20 and are in the stands watching England play, areas of your face particularly the extremities such as your lips, nose and ears are more prone to sun damage – the answer is a lip protector, fits in your pocket and is easy to apply as and when required.

Recommendations: There are a few to choose from, here are my top 3:

Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 Clear £12.00 for 15ml – Helps protect against sunburn and relieves chapped lips.

Polaar Lip Guard UV+ £8.50 for 4g – Moisturises and protects lips against cold, wind and the harmful affects of the sun.

Menscience Advanced Lip Protection £11.00 for 14g – Protection from sunburn, peeling and chapping. Non-greasy, long-lasting clear application softens and helps relieves lip irritation even in extreme weather conditions.

Self Tanning

My final offering of advice is one more for the Gentleman as opposed to the apes, I suspect. Men’s self tanning is becoming more and more popular with blokes and rightly so. I wrote a how-to piece on self tanning for men not so long ago and the key for me here, is that looking good helps you feel good. This is certainly not an essential like the previous 4 but it will put an end to those beer fuelled, pasty white bodies we see on BBC News being interviewed for their fans opinion.

Recommendations: please check out our previous post here.


If you’re off to South Africa for the World Cup this year, be it with tickets or just to take in the atmosphere, this guide will help you maintain your essential skin care routine in a quick, easy and convenient way. Happy travels and come on England.