We’ve all been there; hot summers day, already had a couple of drinks, still waiting for a few more of people to come round, so you dash into the shower in anticipation of an epic night out. You don’t know why, but you feel its going to be a momentous evening. Maybe it’s the beautiful summer evening, maybe it’s that first drink gliding down smoother than usual, or maybe it’s because a cocktail of a shower awaits you. As you head to the shower, the only thing left to do is decide is which cocktail to have.

SAKE BOMB Cocktail Bar

This uniquely refreshing bar has an Asian inspiration. Lightly scented of lemongrass and lychee it combines rice bran and hops to detoxify, smooth, and hydrate skin.

HURRICANE Cocktail Bar

This traditional New Orleans tropical scented cocktail has been know to brighten up even the most overcast day in the Quarter. Transformed into a body bar, HURRICANE heightens the mood as it gently detoxifies and moisturizes skin. Passion fruit helps soothe and heal dry, itchy skin while a splash of lime leaves skin feeling cool and rejuvenated.


Like the crisp, classic cocktail, this cucumber scented, light and refreshing body bar is essential for soothing and repairing skin. Cucumber and lime combine to naturally hydrate, repair, and exfoliate skin.


This invigorating citrus libation is deliciously scented with wild orange. The colorful body bar uses a gentle exfoliant to smooth and detoxify skin as it cleanses. Great post work out, SCREWDRIVER leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.


Similar to the popular cocktail, this nourishing body bar leaves skin feeling refreshed with an energizing citrus-cola scent. Contains lemon, orange, and caffeine to revitalize skin and reduce signs of ageing.

Zirh‘s Cocktail Bars soothe, rejuvenate, exfoliate, or hydrate, depending your skin’s needs, but one thing’s for sure, whichever one you choose, they’re a guaranteed head start to a great night out. Zirh is available from nivenandjoshua.com – shipping worldwide.