Rarely have I seen such a fitting topic for the Apeish section. While yes, it is essentially about ‘tasches, think outside the ‘box’ and this application could be genius.

The Panasonic Beard Buster application for the iPhone allows users to upload a picture, and then draw on a beard. Once you are truly pleased with the depth and texture of the beard, you can then proceed to sculpt the beard or tasche of your dreams, and admire the result. If you’re feeling extremely brave, you can upload the reult to Facebook. Unfortunately this application wasn’t released sooner; it would have seen a lot of use in Movember 2009 and no doubt will in Movember 2010.


The genius part of the application is that you can upload photos of anything. Always wondered what your girlfriends Mother would look like with a Merv Hughes Handle bar Tasche (see below)? This could be your chance.


The Beard Buster application is part of Panasonic’s launch of their new high-end razors; the Multi-Flex Wet/Dry shavers. The app follows a new wave of intuitive marketing techniques combing humour and technology to engage consumers.

To download the free Beard Buster application from iTunesclick here

For more information on the Panasonic razors: