Back in September here on Ape, we previewed the release of the iPhone X by discussing why we thought it should be your next smartphone. By now however, the X has been out for a while, and as Apple’s latest mega-release begins to mature, any who chose to make the investment a month or two ago may now be contemplating the best way to keep their purchase safe on a more long-term basis. When it comes to choosing a case, protection should always be the key factor in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of both worlds in style terms too. With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to choose a case that will keep your iPhone X safe, and look great in the process.


When it comes to choosing your case, don’t compromise on protective capability, but also try to opt for a fairly simplistic design. As with all of Apple’s releases, the iPhone X is a sleek product that finds its style through minimalism, and a case which echoes this sentiment will compliment the design best.


While you can never go wrong with a simple black or white, don’t adhere to this rule so strictly that you shy away from brighter colours. A flash of colour even from something as small as a phone case can add personality to your style, but if you’re going down this route, stick to one colour as a general rule, and avoid any crazy clashes or busy patterns. Check out three of our top picks below.

The Slim One


totallee – Ultra Thin iPhone X Case in grey, £14

Our first pick comes courtesy of totallee, a manufacturer founded in Apple’s own home of California in 2013. Their ultra thin iPhone X case is simple but effective in grey (there are other colours too), and is just 0.02 inches (0.05cm) thick and weighs only 0.1 ounces (2.8g). The case is designed to offer protection from bumps and scratches while maintaining the original shape and styling of the sleek iPhone design, keeping the minimalist aesthetic of the phone while providing added grip. At only £14, it’s the least expensive of our three picks, it also comes with a two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. A winner.

The Official One



Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case in Dark Olive, £39

An official Apple case will always be a failsafe choice, and for the iPhone X we’ve opted for a hint of colour with the tech giant’s own Dark Olive Silicone Case. The case slides over the side button and volume buttons without adding too much extra bulk to the otherwise streamlined design, while the microfibre lining inside provides added protection. The finish of the material on the outside is smooth to the touch, while the Dark Olive colour stands out without looking too flashy. Also, wireless charging still works even when the case is on.

The Luxe One


Carl Friedrik – iPhone X Leather Case in Black, £55

For those who appreciate an injection of luxury, this black case by Carl Friedrik is made using Belgian vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is the oldest and most sustainable method of tanning leather, as it takes advantage of acids naturally found in plants, leaving the leather free from harmful chemicals produced during alternative processes. This leaves the case with a grainy outer finish, which, combined with the microfibre lining on the inner, provides grip on both the inside and outside of the phone. Personalisation is also offered, with the option to have your initials imprinted onto the case.

The Look


COS – Wool-Blend Coat in Black, £200

J.Crew – Marled Cotton Crewneck Sweater in Marled Graphite, £78

ARKET – 220 GSM T-Shirt in White, £19

Saturdays NYC – Charlie Denim Jean in Black, £68

It just wouldn’t quite be an Ape guide without at least one or two style tips to help you compliment your case (or more specifically, to let your case compliment your outfit). This minimalist smart-casual look mimics the stripped-back, modern aesthetic of the iPhone X and the three cases. A black wool-blend coat from COS forms a commanding yet understated outer layer, while J.Crew’s marled cotton crewneck sweater adds depth. ARKET’s 220 GSM white t-shirt is a warm yet simple base, while the black Charlie denim jeans from Saturdays NYC round off the look.

In Conclusion


Ultra thin cases by

When it comes to choosing your case, by all means consider its protective properties as you always would, but don’t compromise by leaving style out of the equation. Less is more, and a slim, minimal case with a modern look will compliment the design of your iPhone best. Stick to these rules, and it will serve you well.