This topic certainly comes under Ape to Gentleman’s tech category being quite unrelated to our core focus – male grooming and men’s skin care. Regardless, this deviation I thought was worth a mention. After years of adding to my ‘cable collection’ beneath my desk with the aquisition of multiple devices such as BlackBerry’s, an iPod and an iMac etc I decided it was time to deal with vast array of power-packs and cabling occupying far to much floor space within the Ape to Gentleman office.

As a Twitter follower I remembered their Tweet mentioning an interesting company called Bluelounge who produce clever solutions for tidying up unsightly wires within ones office or home. I have just ordered the CableBox and a CableDrop set – both relatively simple ideas but stylishly done and much needed in my over-wired world. Initially my search started, inevitably, with a Google search – leading me eventually to finding Bluelounge en-route and another fantastic wirless gadget – the Powermat Wireless Charging Mat…

The Powermat Wireless Charging Mat turns the need for bundles of Smartphone, iPod, PSP etc charging wires and plugs redundant. How does it work? Good question. Without wanting to become to ‘tech’ about it – the crux of the story centre’s around replacing your battery door on your BlackBerry, or adding a stylish case to your iPhone etc, this is known as a wireless receiver. Once this has been added the all important Powermat (which I assume must be plugged into the mains) is ready to charge up to 3 gadgets at a time with no need for separate cables on indeed a wired connection between Powermat and device(s). So, in conclusion, the Powermat is great for saving on untidy cables and overloaded plug sockets but also, it takes the hassle out of connecting your gadgets every time they have a low battery. I think this gadget will be great for keeping my BlackBerry charged and hopefully avoid dashing out of the office for a meeting with a terribly low battery after forgetting to charge up – from now on, I will be able to just place my BlackBerry on the Powermat and forget about charging.