The Mobile Blob Living room (not what I would’ve called it) represents a mobile room containing a bed, bathroom and storage space, elegantly housed in a futuristic egg. The ‘Blob’ features two methods of entry, both reminiscent to that you would find in an aircraft; a side door, and a somewhat excessive bay door.



While they are pitching this to be used as a guest room or study, I think it would be perfect for an Ultimate walk-in wardrobe; they would need to incorporate some hanging space, but it could definitely work. There is so much storage, you could have your t-shirts, shirts, and shoes all arranged by colour and style with enough room to fit in all your grooming products. Even the most ardent of book lover’s would struggle to fill all the shelves with books, add a chaise long, and you have the perfect library.


With the pop-up shop craze emerging, this ‘Blob’ would come in very handy and would certainly cause a stir, and they’d even have a bathroom for their guests. One thing is for sure, whatever I used it for, I wouldn’t be using their built in bed.


Designed by dmvA Architects via