Fragrance brand  Illuminum continue to innovate not only with ‘different’ scents but with the application of said scents. In a not too dissimilar fashion to one of our favourite Japanese brands; retaW. The latter encouraging users to ‘wear their scent’ with the introduction of Fragrance Tablets for your room, gym bag or car.  Illuminum walk the same path with the introduction of a car Aromarizor. Touted as:

a 21st century solution to sophisticated scenting on the move.

This sleek and discreet bullet designed Aromarizor slots into your car charger and disperses your choice of 32 exquisite Illuminum scents for up to 70 hours.

It’s not about swinging pine trees anymore, nor longing for that new car scent – the future is here, think Vetiver Oud or Cashmere Musk. Haute fragrance for your vehicle. The Illuminum Car Aromarizor is pleasingly affordable at £20.00 and just £10.00 for the re-fill.